Humor Column: Telecommuting

| By Rod Thorell | Do you think that maybe remote working is for you? Uncle Rod is here to tell you everything you need to know that you won’t get from that article your friend sent you from Forbes that he saw on Linkedin that was mentioned in a TEDx talk. I do happen to work in my pajamas. Every telecommuting article will talk … Continue reading Humor Column: Telecommuting

Photo Moment: Energy Lab Cafe

| By Christopher Gousse | After taking a few images in the Clermont area, I stumbled across a bright blue and orange building that I’ve always looked over in the past. I decided to finally get a closer look at the building and I’m glad I did! The inside of Energy Lab Cafe is absolutely what you’d expect from a modern coffee shop — state-of-the-art … Continue reading Photo Moment: Energy Lab Cafe