Corelli’s Brings Old Italian Flavors to 2nd Location

| By Larry Oskin | Corelli’s Italian Restaurant is bringing old Italian flavors to a second location. Corelli’s Italian Pantry opened last month in downtown Clermont, at 732 Montrose St. You can expect many successful years of family tradition, popular recipes, delicious sauces and scrumptious New York style pizza. Owners Giuseppe and David Affrunti started their first Clermont restaurant and wine bar in 2013 in … Continue reading Corelli’s Brings Old Italian Flavors to 2nd Location

Repurposing Flower Arrangements

“I must have flowers, always and always.” – Claude Monet | By Amelia Stolarz | April showers bring May flowers, but June weddings bring centerpieces to take home… Catered formal dinners often come with centerpieces of beautiful floral arrangements that the host may offer for guests to bring back. Sometimes these large floral arrangements seem overwhelming to take. But if you’re lucky enough to get … Continue reading Repurposing Flower Arrangements

5 Tips to Make Healthy Food Tasty

| By Jamie Rametta | People know they should eat healthy. But there are many reasons it may not happen despite good intentions. For one, they think it won’t taste good. But nutritious food can — and should — taste delicious. We should make an effort to make our nutritious food enjoyable in order to make the change last. So how can we make nutrient-rich … Continue reading 5 Tips to Make Healthy Food Tasty

The Do’s + Don’ts of Planks

| By Becky Casares | Let’s plank, people! The plank is one of the best exercises for your core. It works the waistline, improves posture, your back, arms, hamstrings *gasp for breath* and your glutes! Simply put, it’s one of the greatest exercises out there! There are two ways to plank. One is on your forearms and one is with your arms fully extended. And … Continue reading The Do’s + Don’ts of Planks

The Quickest Way to Boost Confidence (It’s Not What You Think!)

| By Laurel Moll | Most of us can use a little help with self-confidence, right? And while you might not need it in all areas of your life, perhaps there is just one place that you keep having doubts over and over again. Maybe you think you’re not cutthroat enough to get the promotion at work, not good looking enough to get a date … Continue reading The Quickest Way to Boost Confidence (It’s Not What You Think!)

5 Reasons to Follow Your Fear

| By Laurel Moll | Do a quick Internet search on fear and you’ll find ton of motivational quotes saying “fear is a liar,” books about “how to conquer your fear,” and endless “fearless” hashtags attached to pictures of beautiful people. For so long, the mainstream message on fear has been all about how you can get rid of it. But, what if I told … Continue reading 5 Reasons to Follow Your Fear