A Dietitian’s Advice on New Year’s Resolutions

| By Jamie Stolarz | Happy New Year! What does the start of a new year mean for you? A fresh start on fitness, weight, health, family or your career? Do you find you set resolutions each year but have lost focus on them before the end of the year? Unfortunately, big resolutions are set but most often are not kept. But there’s a secret … Continue reading A Dietitian’s Advice on New Year’s Resolutions

How to Set Mindful Intentions for 2018

| By Penny Amann | Happy 2018!  Time for new beginnings, a fresh new start. Each New Year, millions of people set goals for the next 365 days. Vows to quit smoking, start new careers, lose weight, etc. are set. I dislike the idea of “resolutions,” those loosely placed goals that seem motivating when you make them, but then nag at you unpleasantly for most … Continue reading How to Set Mindful Intentions for 2018

Achieve SMART Fitness Goals this Year

| By Alex Cromartie | Time to start setting your fitness goals for the new year! To ensure success, remember to create SMART goals. S – Specific: Don’t just say, “I want to loose weight,” or, “I want to tone up.” Instead, try a specific goal, like losing 10 percent of your body weight. M – Measurable: Again, goals like, “I want to tone up,” … Continue reading Achieve SMART Fitness Goals this Year

Moment of Zen: Pause & Put Your Legs Up the Wall

| By Penny Amman | The holidays are here, and so is the stress and weariness that goes along with the holly and jolly. As we scurry from one holiday event to another, shop till we drop, travel to family or even host loved ones in our homes, we can become over-stimulated, over-indulged and stressed. And the joy of the season ends up being tossed … Continue reading Moment of Zen: Pause & Put Your Legs Up the Wall

Why Clermont?

| By Kathryn Deen | 7 a.m. April 25, 2015 our sneakers pushed off the start line. This was the moment my husband and I had been training for. My first half marathon. We departed from Downtown Clermont’s beautiful Waterfront Park just after sunrise in the pleasant, 72-degree weather. It was a flat and fast run around Lake Minneola with an out-and-back segment on the … Continue reading Why Clermont?

Quick Wherever Workout

| By Becky Casares | Need a quick, easy and effective workout that you can do anywhere? Here you go! This is a total body cardio/strengthening workout that is effective with or without weights. You’ll work your body from top to bottom and it’s easy to do at home, in your hotel room or nearly anywhere on the go. New to fitness? You can do … Continue reading Quick Wherever Workout

Tips to Prevent Fitness Injuries

| By Alex Cromartie | How do you work your body hard enough to make a physiological adaptation without hurting yourself? If you want a healthy body in your future, then it is important that health and fitness become a lifestyle, not just an occasional quick fix. To make fitness a lifestyle, you have to be in it for the long haul, and it is … Continue reading Tips to Prevent Fitness Injuries