Dreamplex Reaches for the Stars

The special needs rec center announced its plans to expand at its recent gala. | Story by Sascha Mills | Photos by Sascha Mills & Kathryn Deen | Central Florida Dreamplex is so much more than a recreation and fitness center. It’s a beautiful mission field that brings wellness, community and athletics to those with special needs. Or, as they describe it, “Ordinary sports for … Continue reading Dreamplex Reaches for the Stars

Photo Moment: Energy Lab Cafe

| By Christopher Gousse | After taking a few images in the Clermont area, I stumbled across a bright blue and orange building that I’ve always looked over in the past. I decided to finally get a closer look at the building and I’m glad I did! The inside of Energy Lab Cafe is absolutely what you’d expect from a modern coffee shop — state-of-the-art … Continue reading Photo Moment: Energy Lab Cafe

Best Places to Host Kids’ Birthday Parties

| By Sascha Mills & Kathryn Deen | Did you know that the month of September takes the cake for the most birthdays of the year? Pretty impressive! In fact, Sept. 9 is the most common birth date in our country. (You can check how common your birthday is here.) That means a whole lot of birthday parties are happening this month! We polled our … Continue reading Best Places to Host Kids’ Birthday Parties

Bacchus Vino Etcetera: A Wine Lover’s Delight

Celebrating wines from around the world in Downtown Clermont | By Larry Oskin | Once upon a time, Clermont did not have a wine shop. What began as a simple concept in May 2004 developed into Bacchus Vino Etcetera, a cozy, popular store in Downtown Clermont. (You’ll find it at 692 W. Montrose St., next to the Clermont City Center.) Bacchus, named after the Roman God … Continue reading Bacchus Vino Etcetera: A Wine Lover’s Delight

Illustration: Lake Louisa

| By Gabi Zuniga | The simple serenity of Lake Louisa Park inspired my digital illustration of the landscape. As delighted as I was to spot lily pads, I was even more delighted to see the way they dotted the lake like an abstract pattern on the rippled reflection of the sky. Gabi Zuniga is an illustrator and designer whose work focuses on food and landscapes. … Continue reading Illustration: Lake Louisa

360 Video: Dancing at Waterfront Park

| By Wade Moore | Clermont’s got it going on! Check out this 360 degree little-planet-style video of a dance workout group on Lake Minneola. “Dance Your Gut Off” is a free class for all ages by Casrock Ultraxtremo in the pavilion next to the splash pad at Waterfront Park. Wade Moore runs Dream Magnum Productions. He loves getting outside to capture captivating photos and … Continue reading 360 Video: Dancing at Waterfront Park

‘Grape’ Review of Lakeridge Winery

Don’t miss the Harvest Grape Stomp Aug. 10-12 | Story by Domonique Jenkins | Photos by @justshoot84 | What’s to love about Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards? Everything! Lakeridge, the largest winery in Florida, is located in beautiful Clermont. It offers winery tours, complimentary wine tastings, events and wine festivals throughout the year. I can’t wait to come for the 24th Annual Harvest Grape Stomp Aug. 10-12. It’s … Continue reading ‘Grape’ Review of Lakeridge Winery