Demystifying Abstract Art

| By Lois Perdue | As an abstract expressionist, I am frequently asked the same two questions about my paintings. “How do you start one of those paintings?” And, the next one is usually: “How do you know when it is finished?” Maybe for those reasons alone, buying abstract art is a challenge! But with a better understanding of this exciting genre and its potential … Continue reading Demystifying Abstract Art

Ain’t No Party Like a Salad Jar Party! Here’s How to Throw One

| By Laurel Moll | Want to throw a party that no one will regret the next day? How about a Salad Jar Party?! It’s a fun, inexpensive way to encourage healthy meals while saving yourself time and money. Spring is a perfect time to host, so send out a Facebook invite and let the green times roll! Party Planning Plan to have at least … Continue reading Ain’t No Party Like a Salad Jar Party! Here’s How to Throw One

Spring Clean Your Food Space

| By Jamie Stolarz | Happy spring! When we think of spring cleaning, we usually think of emptying out the sock drawer, thumbing through the clothes hanging in our closet, and finally getting to that big pile in the corner of the garage. This year, let’s break the norm and spring clean our food space! Ready to get started but not quite sure where to … Continue reading Spring Clean Your Food Space