10 Heart-Healthy Ideas for Your Plate

| By Jamie Stolarz | When we think of February, we think of Valentine’s Day, a time to celebrate love, share valentines, indulge in a few sweets, and get out those heart decorations. But did you know the heart theme continues through the month with a strong health message? February is American Heart Month. Why should we celebrate? Because your heart works for you 24 … Continue reading 10 Heart-Healthy Ideas for Your Plate

Become a Guru ‘guru’

| By Kathryn Deen | Guru Restaurant’s authentic Indian cuisine continues to build quite a fan base. Tasty, unique selections and friendly service lure many locals back for more. In fact, it recently won Best Entree in Taste of South Lake 2017, held Nov. 2 at Downtown Clermont’s Waterfront Park. In case you missed it, Clermont Magazine went live with video coverage of the winners being … Continue reading Become a Guru ‘guru’

A Dietitian’s Advice on New Year’s Resolutions

| By Jamie Stolarz | Happy New Year! What does the start of a new year mean for you? A fresh start on fitness, weight, health, family or your career? Do you find you set resolutions each year but have lost focus on them before the end of the year? Unfortunately, big resolutions are set but most often are not kept. But there’s a secret … Continue reading A Dietitian’s Advice on New Year’s Resolutions

Recipe: Beer Bread

| By Jamie Stolarz | Here’s a recipe most men will love. It’s so simple and it uses beer. Plus, it’s got stealth health written all over it. Although beer bread sounds like bar food, it’s far from it. With 100 percent whole-grain, heart-healthy nuts and seeds, and dried fruit, it’s practically a super food. I had beer bread for the first time one Christmas at … Continue reading Recipe: Beer Bread

Lose Weight by Eating Mindfully

| By Jamie Stolarz | Mindfulness. A seemingly simple word that can apply to so many scenarios – including eating. Mindfulness can help us be aware of the everyday simple pleasures in life, such as eating a meal. By practicing mindfulness in eating, we are fully emerged in the sensory experience. And in this way, it can be a tool in weight management, especially over … Continue reading Lose Weight by Eating Mindfully

Recipe: Pumpkin Pancakes with Spiced Clementines

| By Jamie Stolarz | It’s time to bring out the canned pumpkin and celebrate the Thanksgiving season. Pumpkin goes beyond pumpkin pie. From a dietitian’s standpoint, it’s a vegetable that adds vitamin A and fiber to your diet: Vitamin A is an antioxidant vitamin that helps fight free radicals in the body; these free radicals, if left unchecked, can cause cellular damage over time. … Continue reading Recipe: Pumpkin Pancakes with Spiced Clementines

UPDATED: Jalea Reopens with Optimism & Some Changes

| By Kathryn Deen | UPDATED 1/29/18: Jalea just reopened, after a month without electricity due to financial challenges. Owner Kirk Golan told Clermont Magazine that it was tough to get back on their feet after Hurricane Irma wiped out business for awhile. Kirk and partner Mario Marcano decided to drop their evening hours and dinner service, adjusting hours to 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. … Continue reading UPDATED: Jalea Reopens with Optimism & Some Changes