Illustration: Lake Louisa

| By Gabi Zuniga | The simple serenity of Lake Louisa Park inspired my digital illustration of the landscape. As delighted as I was to spot lily pads, I was even more delighted to see the way they dotted the lake like an abstract pattern on the rippled reflection of the sky. Gabi Zuniga is an illustrator and designer whose work focuses on food and landscapes. … Continue reading Illustration: Lake Louisa

Pumpkin Consumption 101

How to healthfully enjoy everyone’s favorite fall flavor | By  Jamie Rametta| September stirs Fall excitement. And Fall equals pumpkin paradise! We load up on pumpkins for decoration, pumpkin pie, pumpkin frappuccinos and pumpkin spice scents. As for this foodie dietitian? My pumpkin excitement centers around all the vitamin A, fiber and taste this fall vegetable can deliver. In only 3 tablespoons of this orange … Continue reading Pumpkin Consumption 101

Humor Column: Theater Dad Says Go See His Kid in Newsies!

Disney’s Newsies comes to life onstage Sept. 7-30 in Clermont | By Rod Thorell | You may be looking at the title and thinking why “Theatre Dad” and not “Theater Parents?” Because mom doesn’t have her own column in a digital magazine about one of the country’s fastest growing and most livable cities and I do — deal with it. This is my story. Our … Continue reading Humor Column: Theater Dad Says Go See His Kid in Newsies!