Demystifying Abstract Art

| By Lois Perdue | As an abstract expressionist, I am frequently asked the same two questions about my paintings. “How do you start one of those paintings?” And, the next one is usually: “How do you know when it is finished?” Maybe for those reasons alone, buying abstract art is a challenge! But with a better understanding of this exciting genre and its potential … Continue reading Demystifying Abstract Art

5 Things I Learned in High School

| By Hannah Blume | High school is a time for self-discovery. It’s where teenagers spend seven-hour days, five days a week, 10 months out of the year, for four years straight and pop out on the other end as older and wiser versions of themselves. It’s where songs about the Quadratic Formula are played, friendships are born and the words “pop quiz” act as … Continue reading 5 Things I Learned in High School

Must-Haves for a Healthy Lunchbox

| By Jamie Rametta | When I think of August, I think of back to school. Even if we’re not currently students, we feel the energy change with the start of each academic year. Advertisements flood our email inboxes and mailboxes with sales on colored pencils and 3-pronged folders, traffic patterns change and we see children waiting at bus stops in our neighborhoods. As a … Continue reading Must-Haves for a Healthy Lunchbox

Cheeser’s Palace Cafe: A Clermont Staple

| By Larry Oskin | For Amanda Walsh, owning restaurants runs in the family. The Cheeser’s Palace Cafe restaurant owner’s love for the culinary world began early, as she grew up helping her parents with their shops. They purchased The Galley Restaurant when Amanda was 2, nestled in the Sailfish Marina on Singer Island. By age 5, Amanda and her brother, Brad, would peel potatoes … Continue reading Cheeser’s Palace Cafe: A Clermont Staple

Get to Know Your Clermont Downtown Partnership

| By Larry Oskin | You’ve likely heard of the Clermont Downtown Partnership (CDP). But you probably don’t know all the opportunities it has to offer. Here’s a closer look at a key organization in Clermont and how you can enjoy its perks. Overview The CDP is a 501-C6 not-for-profit association of small professional business owners and entrepreneurs in and around the downtown area dedicated … Continue reading Get to Know Your Clermont Downtown Partnership