Special One-Year Edition

Dear readers,

I love Clermont.

I love its abundance of adventuresome hills, glossy lakes and moss-laden oaks. I love its plentiful parks and preserves. I love its families and family friendly events. Its darling pets. Its savvy business owners and ambitious students. Its emerging downtown.

My love of Clermont led me to launch Clermont Magazine one year ago. And in that year, I’ve become even more enamored by this beautiful city and its amazing people.

In about 115 website posts, and through the generosity of nearly 30 incredible contributors — from a recent high school grad to a Pulitzer-nominated journalist — we’ve been able to
• Preview new businesses opening
• Introduce you to some amazing people
• Share expert tips to enhance your life
• Give you drones-eye views
• Show 360-degree video footage

And it’s been such fun!

So with deep appreciation, I’d like to thank them, as well as everyone who
• Visited our website
• Followed us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
• Subscribed to our e-newsletter
• Entered our monthly contests
• Advertised with us

Thank you for being part of Clermont Magazine. I’m grateful for each of you.

Please enjoy this special, one-year edition with a look back on some of our favorite posts.

As an aside, you might have heard that I’ve gleefully accepted a new position as the Communications Director for the City of Clermont.

I cannot express how thrilled I am! It is a total dream job for me. I am working on an exciting new outlet for telling Clermont’s stories, so stay tuned and follow the City of Clermont News Facebook page and the city’s website for announcements.

From the heart of Clermont,
Kathryn Deen

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