The Secret to a Green Thumb: Gardening Made Easy

| By Sascha Mills |

Do you have a green thumb?

I was raised in a family of “brown thumbs,” meaning they could not keep a plant alive.


Nevertheless, my daughter got the urge to grow a garden last spring, and boy did I have a lot to learn about this gardening stuff!

Did you know there are ants in Florida? Like a lot of them. Did you know they will eat watermelon roots? Silently killing my plant and I did not even know that was a thing (More here.)

There is SO much to gardening and frankly I love my kids, but when do I have the time to learn it all?!

Thankfully, I recently learned about a different — dare I say better — way of gardening for the everyday busy person; regardless of your thumb color, hydro plants are it!


Is that not one of the coolest things you have ever seen? There is no dirt, no shovels, heck you can even buy a whole lighting system and not have to be outside. And it grows fresh, nutrient-rich produce right at home.

Here are the basics: The basin holds the water and a timed system brings the water up through the top and down the root systems of all the plants that are secured in their own little non-soil potting spots. I do believe there is a real term for these, but hey you don’t need to know that to garden with this beauty!

So if there is no soil, you may be wondering how the plants get nutrients. That is one of the supplies that does need to be added to the basin, but the best part about that, you do not need to worry if the soil you are planting in has enough nutrients. That’s to say the produce that is grown on a tower is much more nutrient dense in each bite! Hello salad of wonderful nutrition! There is an upfront cost to turning over into a hydro gardening system, but those who have been using them for years know that they save in the long run and always have a plethora of extra food to share with friends.


Farmers have even taken advantage of the space-saving qualities of these stackable towers. What a great idea for smaller properties or inner cities to utilize. Another great location for these is in the classroom. There is actually a program to help get these into classrooms, and Clermont already has seen this incorporated into the learning at the Wesley Christian Academy, for instance. Students learn about seeds, planting and watering, get to watch daily as plants emerge, and even help harvest it and take some home.

42563276_342790936291685_6982995779614932992_nAnother incredible thing about hydro gardening towers is that Gardiner Scholarships will cover having one of these at home too! It’s great for the homeschooling mom or the working mother alike to enjoy an in-home or back porch garden and feed their family plenty of healthy produce.

I  don’t know about you, but I am ready for a salad now. If you are looking to get involved with some hydro plants, here are some options: The small counter fish tank version, indoor six plant counter version and the Tower Garden are just some of the ways to get you started today!


P.S. They are so cool LEGO and Magic School bus rock them!

Sascha MillsSascha Mills is editorial assistant of Clermont Magazine, a mother, a certified health and essential oils coach, an actress with Moonlight Players, and a lover of writing, vino, yoga, Beautiful Hearts and community.

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