Photo Moment: Energy Lab Cafe

| By Christopher Gousse |


After taking a few images in the Clermont area, I stumbled across a bright blue and orange building that I’ve always looked over in the past.

I decided to finally get a closer look at the building and I’m glad I did!

The inside of Energy Lab Cafe is absolutely what you’d expect from a modern coffee shop — state-of-the-art machines for brewing and grinding, and also great seating with a view looking out toward neighboring Lake Minneola.

This image shows more of the industrial, modern look of the machines there, and I was compelled to take it because to me it captures the feel of the shop. The black-and-white filter helps draw out the mood of the scene.


Christopher Gousse captures the beauty of Clermont’s hidden gems behind the lens, including the shops, people and lakes. The Clermont resident since 2015 says, “There’s a sense of community and closeness with the residents of Clermont that I haven’t experienced anywhere else and it comes together when the community comes together.”

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