Twisted Flavors: A Twist on All Things Sweet

| By Larry Oskin |

One whimsical shop has put a new twist on all things sweet in Clermont.

A unicorn pony welcomes visitors in to try hand-dipped ice cream, cupcakes and edible cookie dough. Large ice cream sprinkles dot the brightly colored walls.

ART -- IMG_0231

You have arrived at Twisted Flavors Baked Bar. The store opened in October 2017 downtown at 763 Montrose St. (It was among Clermont’s recent surge of new businesses. About 120 opened last year or committed to opening this year in Clermont, with about 30 of them helping revitalize downtown, according to the City.)

For Twisted Flavors, it all started as a childhood dream.

Christina Vaughan has loved baking since she was 10. Fast forward, and an edible cookie dough shop in New York City inspired her to start her own business.

ART -- IMG_1327

She felt that the quaint 1,400-square-foot space at the former Rabbit’s Hole Book Store & Coffee Shop in downtown Clermont would be the perfect location for Clermont residents and visitors to enjoy her decadent desserts.

ART -- IMG_1313

You can dine in or sit outdoors at a table for two with your pets.

Christina — who managed local properties for the past 15 years — primarily runs the shop with teamwork from her supportive daughters and mom. So you could say it’s a tight-knit family business.

Creative Indulgences

Not only is the store family run. It’s also a family magnet.

Kids, parents, grandparents and couples alike flock to the shop to try various treats.

ART -- IMG_0237

The delectable menu features homemade edible cookie dough and Blue Bell ice cream. You can “twist it up” by choosing one scoop of each.

ART -- IMG_1362

From Unicorn Sugar Cookie to Monster Cookie, there’s no shortage of imagination when it comes to the cookie dough flavors.

ART -- IMG_1301

And you’ll find all your classic ice cream flavors, as well as unique selections like Birthday Cake or Cotton Candy.

ART -- IMG_1306

Desserts start at just $3.50. Cakes, cupcakes and cookies are some of their other specialties. Gluten-free and dairy-free selections are available, too.

ART -- IMG_0236

While you’re indulging your sweet tooth, Twisted Flavors also can help you bring out your fashionable sweet side.

You can shop an array of cute casual clothing, accessories and soaps. That includes Shoe Bakery’s dessert-inspired shoes, purses and wallets.

ART -- IMG_1249

Special Experiences

Twisted Flavors has become a popular spot to celebrate a variety of occasions.

The shop has hosted birthday parties for all ages, children’s sports team award celebrations and school break activities. They’ve even catered weddings.

ART -- IMG_1272

The cherry on top? They offer cake and cupcake decorating workshops.

It’s a fun way to try your hand at the art of sweets. You can sign up for the classes individually or with a group at the store, or they’ll come to you if you’d like.

Twisted Flavors recently hosted a two-hour session with a group of middle school girls, and everyone took home creations to eat with their families.

ART -- IMG_1261

Community Supporters

Twisted Flavors salutes its local heroes.

That’s why the shop offers 20 percent discounts to Clermont law enforcement, firefighters, nurses and teachers with an ID.

ART -- IMG_1253

A proud Clermont Downtown Partnership member, Christina has already gotten involved with marketing efforts on social media at special community events and with Clermont sports teams. She also hosted a local author for a book signing at the shop, as featured in Clermont Magazine.

ART -- IMG_0229 (1)

While normally closed on Sundays and Mondays, Twisted Flavors opens for most special events downtown.

So stop in for a sweet treat and support Christina’s sweet dream come true.

LO -- Larry Oskin -- Photograph-1 -- Jan9,15 HRLarry Oskin owns Marketing Solutions / Art Beautique, is a board member of the Clermont Downtown Partnership and volunteers for the Clermont Historic Village.

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