Q+A with Upcoming Amish Pretzel Shop

Food truck to open first storefront October in Clermont

| By Kathryn Deen |

Would you like your pretzel stuffed with philly cheese steak or pepperoni pizza?

Those will be among the decadent options at a new pretzel shop opening this summer in Clermont.

You may have seen Amish Pretzel Shop’s food truck tootling around Central Florida. But you won’t have to chase them down once they open their first storefront Oct. 11 (updated) around August in Clermont Landing. You’ll find the 1,200-square-foot pretzel haven at 2409 S. Highway 27, next to Epic Theatres and between Cedar Grill and Painting with a Twist.

Power couple Krissy and Matt Lee are taking on the venture. Co-owner Krissy dished out all the details on the shop with Clermont Magazine.


Q. First things first. What will be on the menu?

We will have a variety of Soft Pretzels, Stuffed Pretzel Sandwiches and traditional sweet treats called Whoopie Pies.

Our Soft Pretzel selections include Classic Butter and Salt, Cinnamon and Sugar, Sweet and Salty, and Garlic Parm.

For our Stuffed Pretzel Sandwiches, you will have the option of a Philly Cheese Steak Stuffed Pretzel, a Pepperoni Pizza Stuffed Pretzel and we will also have a monthly special featuring a new flavor each month.

We will also have a line of Iced Coffee and a variety of Whoopie Pies with featured flavors for this sweet treat as well.


Q. I’m salivating. How about pricing?

Our traditional Amish Treats will range from around $3 to $7.

Q. Nice. What will your hours be?

We are anticipating to be open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Q. Note taken. So, why is Clermont Landing the perfect location?

We feel we will be able to feed lots of hungry pretzel lovers on the go. Our Food Truck has exceeded our wildest dreams and what we noticed is that people want great homemade food and they want it fast. We deliver on this.


Q. Congrats! What will the shop be like?

We will have a few tables and chairs for our customers to enjoy, but this location will be primarily a take out style restaurant with very limited seating. But there is nothing better than a hot fresh buttered soft pretzel whether you’re on the go or have a minute to stay.

The decor will take you to Amish Country. We will have a rustic farmhouse feel with a lot of Amish accents and inspirations. We want you to enjoy the goodness of the food while also sharing the beauty of the Amish culture, but yes, we will have lights and air conditioning.

Q. Sounds charming. Who’s your target audience?

We believe we are a food for all generations and our Food Truck has proven this time and time again. Winning multiple Food Truck Wars and Food Truck Battles, our product undoubtedly appeals to people of all ages and generations.


Q. Everyone loves pretzels! So, what was your inspiration for the company?

I grew up Amish and still have family who are Amish. This is a traditional Amish Soft Pretzel recipe. I grew up enjoying these delectable treats. The Amish people as a whole have a reputation of doing things with excellence and quality, and rightly so, and we want to continue that reputation and provide quality soft pretzels with excellence.

It has been a dream of ours for many years to have a Soft Pretzel Food Truck, but it always seemed like something unattainable. However, after many years and even more “Pretzel Parties” and lots of encouragement from family and friends, we decided to pursue our dream. We took a major risk and a giant leap of faith and many hours of hard work, but here we are with an award winning food truck and new shop on the horizon.

Q. Very special! What’s your ultimate goal?

Our dream for the future is to one day have this store support us on the mission field. (My husband and I) actually met 12 years ago in Guatemala while I was teaching at an orphanage school, and we would love to be able to continue giving back to those in need and to the children and people of Guatemala.

That’s incredible. We look forward to supporting you.


Kathryn Deen is the founder and editor of Clermont Magazine, a Clermont resident and an award-winning professional journalist.

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