Organize Your Life: Finding Spots for Things

The leopard does not change his spots. –William Shakespeare

Oops: “A zebra does not change its spots. –Al Gore

And you find as a writer there are certain spots on the planet where you write better than others, and I believe in that. And New Orleans is one of them. –Jimmy Buffett

| By Amelia Stolarz |

Do you ever think about the spots we choose to place our person or things?

In both spin and yoga classes, I tend to gravitate towards the same spot in that particular class.

If I attend a different class in the same room at a different hour of the day, I’m in a different spot.

The first time I go to a new class, I scope out a place not occupied and lay down my mat or set up my bike. I feel since it wasn’t occupied, it wasn’t anyone else’s spot. I wouldn’t want to take someone’s spot — would you?

At a recent yoga class, the instructor relayed how at a yoga class that she’d taken that week someone was in her usual spot; she moved and ended up in a confrontation with a person near her.

She told the story at two yoga classes in a row — she was clearly upset by it. In another place where I take yoga classes, there is a woman who will actually ask people to move if they are in her “spot.”

Do the things in your home have certain spots?


We can certainly move them around without the confrontation we’d face in the yoga room. And we should.

I may not need more than one or two pairs of sunglasses, or earrings, or bookmarks, or purses, but I have them. I found that I had earrings hidden in so many different drawers, I really didn’t know what I had or where to find them.


I now keep a few pairs that I wear often in my dressing area and the rest are corralled into small decorative boxes (one for gold earrings and one for silver). The same with my sunglasses, I keep them all in one place.wood-sunglasses-2500253_1920Take a walk through your home and reassess the placement of furniture or what is in which kitchen cabinet. Maybe you’ll find a better spot to make things more useful — or maybe the spot will be near your front door to be donated.

As I continue to “zenify” my life, I’ll periodically sort through the collections and pare down what I keep. And then my organized home will be “spot on.”

Have any observations about spots in your home? Please share them with us at!

spot on
British slang for “well done,” “perfect” or “right on.”

see also bang on
The food in England might not always be so good, but the brew in the pubs are spot on every time.

13239220_868867996558951_5623648985723637852_nAmelia Stolarz is a lifelong organizing guru, an avid gluten-free baker and a Certified Public Accountant.

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