The Do’s + Don’ts of Planks

| By Becky Casares |
Let’s plank, people!
The plank is one of the best exercises for your core. It works the waistline, improves posture, your back, arms, hamstrings *gasp for breath* and your glutes!
Simply put, it’s one of the greatest exercises out there!
There are two ways to plank. One is on your forearms and one is with your arms fully extended.
And as always, there is a right way and wrong way to do a plank. Always make sure your core is engaged and your body is in a nice straight line from your head to your toes.
You don’t want your booty in the air.
IMG_8103-11-04-18-08-51 (1)
You don’t want to drop your belly (which will make your back curve) …
You might need someone to spot you the first few times so you can actually “feel” your proper plank.
Start small: 20-second planks, three times a day at least three days a week. And then every week, add another 10 seconds to your plank time. Before you know it, you’ll be doing a 60-second plank. Woo-hoo!
Build that core, people… Plank on!
☮, ❤ and 💪🏽!

IMG_7140-09-10-17-12-05Becky Casares is a fitness instructor at Anytime Fitness of North Clermont.

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