Rev up your Spring Makeup Routine

| By Marcella Imbesi |

Spring is here and everything is coming up roses!

Even though we are lucky enough to reside in the sunshine state, I’d say we had our fair share of chilly mornings and downright cold evenings these past few months. Our Floridian version of winter has most of us dreaming about tan lines, sparkling pools and 8:30 p.m. sunsets. All it takes is one time for us to adorn a hat, scarf or sweater, and we’re itching for a springtime metamorphosis complete with an emergence from the cocoon and a new look as fresh as a daisy.

One way to rev up your springtime makeup routine is to experiment with pastels, shimmers and my personal favorite, rose gold.  I really like rose gold because I feel that it looks good on everyone and the variety in its depth of color is so deep.

Check out this step-by-step easy way to pair rose gold with pastel pink and a wash of subtle highlights for a fresh look and you’ll be seeing the world through rose colored eyes in no time!

How to Get A Fresh Spring Look

Step 1: Select a neutral toned base shadow for the lid. Apply from lash line to brow. A fluffy shadow brush works best with this.

Step 2: Select a rose gold deep tone and apply in the crease from side to side. (Livi Tip!) Be careful not to bring the accent color to far up near the brow area. About ¾ of the way is always a good rule of thumb.


Step 3: Apply a light toned rose gold shimmer in the inner corner of the eye.  This will help to brighten your look and open the eyes.  Use a tight short haired shadow brush. This makes it easier to keep control and strategically place the product.


Step 4: Add a slight touch of a highlighter to the upper cheekbone area. A fine synthetic fan brush works best with this as it doesn’t pick up too much product. Begin in the middle of the cheekbone and swipe up toward the hairline. (Liv Tip! Less is more – this is a subtle application and not supposed to be overly prominent.)


Step 5: Finish with your favorite pink mid-toned cream lipstick or gloss. Be careful not to go too dark or too bright. The idea is to achieve a subtle, balanced look.


The finished look is soft and fresh! You can find these products and more at Livi & Tate in Downtown Clermont / 827 West Montrose Street.

img_6398Marcella Imbesi owns Livi & Tate boutique in downtown Clermont featuring her own cosmetic line. (Read about it in our feature story.) The Fashion Institute of Technology grad’s makeup resume includes Lord & Taylor’s cosmetics department, Estee Lauder’s Origins division and Mac.

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