Ain’t No Party Like a Salad Jar Party! Here’s How to Throw One

| By Laurel Moll |

Want to throw a party that no one will regret the next day?

How about a Salad Jar Party?! It’s a fun, inexpensive way to encourage healthy meals while saving yourself time and money.

Spring is a perfect time to host, so send out a Facebook invite and let the green times roll!


Party Planning

Plan to have at least eight guests attend. If you have trouble thinking of enough guests to invite, try expanding to co-workers, friends at your favorite fitness studio, schools, neighbors, etc. You’d be surprised at how many people would love to come!

  1. Create an online ingredient sign-up form (I suggest SignUpGenius) and give your guests a variety of salad ingredient options.
  2. Invite lots of people to get a good turnout; use your favorite online event page via sites like Facebook or Evite.
  3. Include instructions to your guests in your event page and ask them to RSVP right away using your ingredient sign-up form.

Here’s a sample invite for you to work with:

Join us for a healthy Salad Jar Party this Spring! Please bring 3-5 mason jars (32-ounce size) and 1-2 large bowls (6 cups each) of different toppings, already prepared, chopped and ready to dish out. At the party, we will throw our favorite ingredients into the jars, pot-luck style, and everyone will go home with a bunch of nutrient-dense, ready-to-go meals. These yummy salads will keep fresh and crisp in mason jars for several days. I will provide lettuces/greens and salad dressings, along with healthy snacks and beverages. Sign up at this link for the topping(s) you would like to bring: (paste link here).

During the Event

Lead your guests in making their mason jar salads with these instructions:

  1. Start with about 2 tablespoons of salad dressing on the bottom. (Or you can leave out the salad dressing and add it separately each day when you’re ready to eat a salad.)
  2. Add crunchy, non-absorbent veggies next because they will be sitting in the salad dressing at the bottom.
  3. Pour in fruits.
  4. Pile on your proteins, such as beans, nuts, chicken, quinoa, turkey, tofu or chickpeas.
  5. Top with your greens.

Helpful Tips

  • Before guests make their salads, show them a sample jar and advise them to leave about half of the jar empty for their greens.
  • Make sure you have plenty of serving spoons or tongs ready in different sizes for your guests to use while they build their salads.
  • If you have a smaller number of guests coming, ask each person to bring 3-4 toppings each to contribute.
  • You’ll be providing the greens as the host, so make sure to have plenty of extra greens on hand so you don’t run out. Also, be sure to have plenty of snacks and drinks available. Your guests will likely be hungry after making salads that they’ll be saving for later.
  • If you want the party to last for more than an hour, invite a local health coach or fitness teacher to do a mini nutrition, fitness or mindfulness class after your guests finish building their salads.
  • Plan to host the party at a convenient time, such as a Sunday afternoon. It’s great to have the sun shining, and the afternoon time slot allows your guests to keep their morning and nights free for family time and regular weekly chores.
  • Take lots of pictures and have fun!

lauren_mollLaurel Moll is a freelance writer, fitness teacher and certified holistic health coach. She also co-owns the inspirational T-shirt company Golden Rhino.


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