Author Spreads Kindness with Children’s Book

Laura St. John will Sign Copies of ‘Don’t Judge a Bug By Its Cover‘ on April 5 Downtown

| By Kathryn Deen |

A local author has published a children’s book that she hopes will make the world a little kinder.

“It’s about two uncommon bugs that connect in many ways,” Laura St. John told Clermont Magazine. “There are many messages in the story but the one that stands out is to not judge others on how they look.”


For Laura, it’s both personal and universal.

“We all kind of feel like Mr. Roach at times,” she said, “whether we are put down by others or even put ourselves down without realizing it. Caring about people and being empathetic is important in life.”

She brought that care and acceptance into the classrooms of Clermont Elementary for Literacy Week earlier this year. The students’ compliments warmed her heart.


“Young kids are like sponges,” she said. “They absorb so much.”

Laura self-published under Sky Sun Publishing. She was awaiting printed copies when Clermont Magazine interviewed her in March.

She shared that the book’s theme emerged from many observations and experiences throughout her own life.

Don't Judge a Bug book cover-rev4 2.jpg

“It’s never too late to extend some kindness,” she said. “If we offer our understanding to people, maybe we can make the world a lot better. We all want to make a difference. It only takes one of us to see the beauty in someone and change their lives.”

Laura also wrote another book entitled “The Christmas House,” which is due out this coming fall.

“The book brings a traditional Christmas story a fresh new meaning,” she said.

Christmas house color mock up.jpg

A lifelong writer, Laura drafted these children’s books two decades ago. Previously, she wrote copy for a few ad agencies and radio stations.

Laura moved to Clermont four years ago from Brevard County and decided now she has the time to share her books.

She also is a singer-songwriter, performing recently with her daughter, Sunny Rose, and with a local band. Laura and her husband also have a son who attends the University of Central Florida.


Laura is one busy bee and an inspiring woman. Beyond writing and singing, she puts on healthy eating programs as The Alphabet Chef; runs an organizing business called Specialized Organizational Services; and volunteers for many Lake County projects.

But one thing you won’t find her doing is judging a book — or a bug — by its cover.




headshot-2-7-copyKathryn Deen is the founder and editor of Clermont Magazine, a Clermont resident and an award-winning professional journalist.

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