Organize Your Life: Uses for Big Fat Rubber Bands

Will the person who lost a big fat roll of hundred dollar bills, wrapped in a rubber band, please report to the Lost and Found Department immediately.  We found your rubber band. –Anonymous

| By Amelia Stolarz |

I need to eat more broccoli — I’m running out of those big fat rubber bands that come wrapped around my veggies in the grocery store.


I’ve found so many uses for them. For instance…

  • Place them around slippery items, like your phone or water bottle.  I wrap one around my favorite stainless steel water bottle to keep it from slipping out of my hands.
  • Wrap a pair of them around the ends of clothes hangers to keep items in place.
  • Write on them to label items, such as small spray bottles, spice jars or other containers that you’re repurposing.
  • Pick a color band and use it to claim your water glass around the house so it doesn’t get mixed up with your family members’ cups.
  • Criss-cross them around hard-boiled eggs before dropping them into your egg dye to add fun patterns. Remove the rubber bands after the egg has dried.

If you found any of these tips particularly helpful or would like to share your ideas, let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.

But back to broccoli for a minute. If you haven’t seen this song about it, you’re in for a laugh.

13239220_868867996558951_5623648985723637852_nAmelia Stolarz is a lifelong organizing guru, an avid gluten-free baker and a Certified Public Accountant.

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