‘Sex, Love + Who Puts the Rubbish Out’

Relationship Author to Visit Clermont in March

| By Penny Amann |

UPDATE 2/23/18: Author Rick Nunn will be speaking from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Friday, March 16 at Pure Yoga for Life in Clermont. Space is limited, so reserve your spot and prepay ($15) here.

Ahhh…February, the month of love and chocolate. In my opinion, chocolate should be synonymous with love.

Anyway, this blog isn’t about chocolate. It’s about love and relationships.

February is a month to celebrate that special someone in your life — that someone who makes life so perfect… most of the time.


In reality, no relationship is perfect and many can be rather difficult at times.

What if there was a very user-friendly guide to figure out those difficult times in your relationships? Not just with a significant other, but with parents, children, co-workers and so on? And especially your relationship to understanding yourself?

In the past few years, I have gone through too many self-help books and relationship blogs to count, and I still scratch my head wondering what went wrong in my relationships.

Some things made some sense, but nothing really hit the nail square on the head more than a book I came across through a fellow yoga instructor.

black-and-white-2590810_1920 (1)

I recently befriended yoga instructor Rick Nunn from “across the pond.” As we chatted about our stories, I found out he’s written a book titled Sex, Love, and Who Puts the Rubbish Out.

I had a little giggle at the title. Then he asked me my birthday, year and month and then proceeded to basically tell me things about myself that were so true that had me wondering — was he some sort of yoga creeper spy? LOL.

You see, Rick’s book is based on the philosophy of the 9-Energy Natural Expressions and explores all our relationships, including the one with ourselves.

The philosophy is beyond simple. All you must do is be who you naturally are while allowing others to be themselves!  It is simply based on your birth year and month and your gender.

nature-3127975_1920 (1).jpgHe states that our greatest challenge is to discover and then be OK with who we really are. And then to be at peace with what you find within yourself and everyone around you.

He asks, could you take these natural expressions to better understand yourself and your romantic relationships, set better boundaries and live a compatible, harmonious life together?

I won’t go too far into the book, but I want to bring the basis of the 9-Energy Natural Expressions and the Yin and Yang in our natural expression to light.

Rick mentions the book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, and what stuck with Rick is the same thing that stuck with me when I read that book years ago: Men like to retreat into their caves when the going gets tough, and women like to talk about their problems and not have unsolicited attempts by men trying to solve them.

I always had a problem with that concept because to be honest, I retreated into my cave just as much as any man. I didn’t always want to talk about it. In Rick’s book he states Yang is from Mars, Yin is from Venus. It isn’t a male female thing at all, but what is called Yin and Yang.  Females can retreat into caves just as much as men, and men like to talk about their problems without someone trying to fix everything; they just want someone to listen. And believe me, everyone caves occasionally, just as everyone needs to vent.  It’s about the amount of Yin energy compared to Yang energy that a person has.


I’m going to give you Rick’s explanation of Yin and Yang. Basically, everything that happens in our lives and in the universe is the result of two equal but opposite interacting forces: Yin and Yang.

Yin is said to be feminine, yielding, fertile and of the earth; while Yang is masculine, masterful, creative and of the Heavens. Yin is the core, like a beehive, and at the center of the hive is the queen, the ultimate expression of Yin, which is vulnerable and needs protecting; and that is the job of the worker bees, the Yang expression, which fly around the hive guarding the queen.

Both need the other. Neither is more important than the other. Like darkness and light, maternal and paternal, introverted and extroverted, hot and cold — and the list goes on. You can’t have one without the other, and a balance of the two is the key.

So how does this pertain to relationships? Think about it. If you are a woman with a lot of Yang energy, you will be balanced out by a man with a lot of Yin energy. And vice versa. So, if her Yang is fiery, fast, stubborn, independent and superficial, then she would be balanced by a partner that is cool, slow, flexible, dependent, and intuitive.

But don’t get me wrong, as author Rick Nunn states, there is no wrong relationship. The balanced ones, where Yin and Yang are of more equal percentages, are just going to flow a lot easier. And some (take a double-Yang like me and my very Yang significant other) will be more work, but hey, if you’re both Yang, you like that fiery hot competition anyway, right? I know I do.


In his book, Rick brings you knowledge and guidance about the 9-Energy Natural Expressions. Then he gives you a chart to figure out your 3-digit natural expression again based on gender, year of birth and month. You come up with a 3-digit number, your natural expression.

So, for me — without going into too much detail — I am a 6-6-5.  Born (OMG you are all going to know how the bleep old I am now!) 7/1964/female. This is considered an easy expression for a male and a difficult expression for a female. Go figure. LOL.

  1. So, my first number is 6. That makes me a Yang/Sky. This is our intrinsic nature, me being straightforward, practical, a natural leader, and liking fairness, but I can be inflexible and not take the situation into account.
  2. My second number is also a 6 Yang/Sky. This number relates to your spirituality. Yang again. Same qualities as #1.  I’m quite sure I was a ruler-bearing nun in my past life…
  3. My third number is 5 Yang/Earthcore. This highlights your habits and behavior. So, here’s me: a “seventh child,” the most powerful expression of Yang, and the result of the vortex of both Yin and Yang energy at the core of the earth. That’s my behaviors and habits, readers. It’s exhausting!

Along with your number and the numbers of others, Rick’s book has a relationship section where you can look at your partner’s or other relationships’ numbers and see how easily you will get along, and of course, “Who Puts the Rubbish Out.”  In my relationship, there may be a court case to decide… literally (my significant other is a lawyer…).


But to be totally honest, if I take all the masks off and look at who I really am, 6-6-5 nails it. It’s eerily accurate. But if you can be honest with who you naturally are — not the person who wears all the “I-am” labels (I am a doctor, mother, friend, sister, etc.) — I think you will find this book very accurate and very helpful. Your partner can do the same, and you can both allow each other to be who you are, naturally.

And great news! Rick is planning a visit to our area in March and would love to come and do a talk on the 9-Energy Natural Expressions and answer your questions. If you are interested, be sure to follow Clermont Magazine on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for details. You also can message me on my Facebook page or email me with questions.

I was going to close by saying I wish I had this book 10 years ago. But another thing taught in the book is a little about non-attachment. So I let that first sentence go, and I believe I found the book — and my new friend Rick — when I was supposed to find them. 😊

img_6139Penny Amann is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), an American Council on Exercise (ACE) group fitness instructor and a Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX) Level-2 coach. She teaches at Pure Yoga for Life in Clermont.

One thought on “‘Sex, Love + Who Puts the Rubbish Out’

  1. Brilliant synopsis of an interesting approach to explaining the enigma of relationships. It has eluded most of us. But as life is a continual classroom, we need only be open to further intellectual nourishment…to flourish.

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