Achieve Proper Exercise Form, Nutrition with these Tips + Clermont Classes

| By Alex Cromartie |

As a fitness trainer, I enjoy working with new clients and always take the opportunity to educate them as much as I can about effectively training their bodies.

The truth is that there are some foundations that need to be in place before you’re going to see much success.

Allow me to walk you through two key elements to safely achieving your fitness goals.


Proper Form

Most people move their bodies with a considerable amount of dysfunction, eventually causing pain through overstressed muscles and joints.

What most people don’t realize though is that with proper strength training and flexibility instruction, many of these imbalances can be minimized or even completely corrected.

Exercising the wrong muscle groups though (or exercising with poor form), will result in little or no progress and can actually reinforce the dysfunction!

The solution?

Get some professional help from a personal trainer, or attend a group fitness class with a knowledgeable instructor.


I created my new Awakened Fitness Boot Camp specifically to address this crucial issue. Too often I see people putting in the effort and not getting results because their form is bad or they are working a muscle group that they shouldn’t be.

Seeing real results is what is going to keep someone excited about their health.

Whatever mode of exercise you choose, make sure the instructor is properly certified by an accredited organization.

Awakened Fitness Boot Camp is held at the Clermont Arts and Recreation Center at 8:30 am and 10 am every Tuesday and Thursday. The monthly fee is $59 a person. Call Alex at 407-257-6448 or visit for more information.

Proper Nutrition

Unfortunately, you can’t just exercise your way to good health.

A nutrient-rich diet is crucial.

Without the fuel your body needs, you can’t get very far, no matter how hard you are working.

In fact, proper nutrition is hands-down the single most important factor in achieving and maintaining good health.


But in today’s fast-food society, getting enough nutrition while keeping the calorie count in check can be a real challenge.

So educate yourself about nutrition concepts. I created my free weekly seminars to address this need.

Restaurants and food manufacturers have gotten very good at making their foods seem healthier than they really are.

The deck is stacked against the consumer, so a little knowledge goes a long way in navigating the nutritional battlefield.

Free Awakened Fitness Nutrition Seminars are held at the Clermont Arts and Recreation Center at 1 pm on the first Saturday of each month. Call Alex at 407-257-6448 or visit for more information.

alexAlex Cromartie is a certified personal trainer and health coach. He founded Clermont-based Awakened Fitness in 2013. Join him for his classes at Clermont’s Arts and Recreation Center.

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