Achieve SMART Fitness Goals this Year

| By Alex Cromartie |

Time to start setting your fitness goals for the new year! To ensure success, remember to create SMART goals.

S – Specific: Don’t just say, “I want to loose weight,” or, “I want to tone up.” Instead, try a specific goal, like losing 10 percent of your body weight.

M – Measurable: Again, goals like, “I want to tone up,” aren’t measurable, and thus never come to fruition. Instead, make sure you are working with and recording numbers like body weight, body fat percentage and caloric intake.

A – Achievable: Setting unrealistic goals is a common cause of failed training programs. Give yourself four months to meet your initial goals. If trying to lose body fat, a 10% reduction in bodyweight is usually a good initial goal.

R – Relevant: Make sure your goals align with one another and support each other. If not, you may have some soul searching to do.

T – Time Bound: Finally, make sure to create deadlines for your goals. If not, your mind finds a way to push the deadline back indefinitely. Four months is usually enough to start seeing some real results from all your hard work.

Good luck! We’d love to hear about your success.

alexAlex Cromartie is a certified personal trainer and health coach. He founded Clermont-based Awakened Fitness in 2013, on whose blog this post originally appeared. Join him for his new classes at Clermont’s Arts and Recreation Center.

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