Why Clermont?

| By Kathryn Deen |

7 a.m. April 25, 2015 our sneakers pushed off the start line.

This was the moment my husband and I had been training for. My first half marathon.

We departed from Downtown Clermont’s beautiful Waterfront Park just after sunrise in the pleasant, 72-degree weather. It was a flat and fast run around Lake Minneola with an out-and-back segment on the South Lake Trail.

I loved the vast lake view, the cozy canopy of shade trees, the quaint homes and the overall natural beauty of the city. My spouse and I crossed the finish line holding hands and devoured a victory breakfast at Keke’s. Then, we returned home to Lady Lake, about 45 minutes north.

The Lake Minneola half marathon was my first taste of Clermont.

That was my first taste of Clermont. Little did we know that two years later, we’d move here.

The race opened my eyes to the beauty of the hilly, health-centric gem of a city. A South Florida native, I’d never really payed much attention to Clermont before. Sure, I’d heard it mentioned as an outdoor sports haven, but I hadn’t looked into it.

Being cat lovers, we returned to Clermont one weekend for the Orlando Cat Cafe and happened upon the Showcase of Citrus for a spontaneous monster truck ride. We were intrigued by the unique entertainment and recreation here.

At the very end of this past July, my husband was offered a great job in Minneola that started immediately. Clermont instantly came to mind as the nearest cool city for us to live in.

He started work, and I started home hunting. On Aug. 19, we moved to Clermont! What a whirlwind.

We are loving our new city! We love the shops and restaurants. We love the “Florida mountains” and vistas. We love the trees, lakes and parks. We love the authenticity and history of the place. And I can’t say enough about the nice people here. In my short time, I’ve met some really kind, passionate people here. I’m so excited to be a part of this thriving community as it continues to grow.

What’s your story? Why Clermont? Let us know in the comments or email clermontmagazine@gmail.com. You could be featured in a future edition of Clermont Magazine!

headshot-2-7-copyKathryn Deen is the founder and editor of Clermont Magazine, a Clermont resident and an award-winning professional journalist.

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