Editor’s Shopping Cart: November

| By Kathryn Deen |

Here are some of my favorite things from shops around Clermont. Pamper yourself or start your holiday gift shopping early!

IMG_2890The perfect black wedge: A versatile, go-to shoe for interviews, networking or date night, these beauties toe the line between the formality of heels and the casualty of flats. The bows add a darling feminine touch, and the shiny layer underneath makes them pop. Plus, the wedges give you some support. ($15.99, Madeline Stuart black wedges, Ross)

ClearProof-CharcoalMask-Soldier_Z2Face-cleansing charcoal mask:

Smooth on this creamy, cooling formula, feel it tingle and tighten, and then wash it off. Viola! You have a fresh, smooth, clean face! Activated charcoal unclogs pores, absorbs excess oil and reduces shine. Rosemary and peppermint extract smell and feel amazing. Pamper yourself! ($24, Clear Proof Deep Cleansing Charcoal Mask, Mary Kay: Click here to find a local consultant.)





Dreamy coconut coffee: All-natural toasted coconut flavor is subtly infused into this Colombian Supremo coffee. None of that fake-y flavor. It’s smooth, dark and downright delightful. ($9.19, 8-oz. Siren Song Toasted Coconut Coffee, Coffee Shop of Horrors)



epsom-saltSweet bath-time relief: Epsom salts seem to cure any body ache. These smell sweet like vanilla frosting with a touch of coconut, making you want to melt into your bathtub forever. They’re also pink, so that’s just cute. ($5.99, 30 oz. Heartland Fragrance’s Epsom Bath Salt in Calm & Carefree Vanilla Coconut Fragrance, Ross)





Fall maple treat: This limited-batch yogurt uses real maple syrup to tantalize your tongue with fall sweetness. It’s creamy and delightful, but a bit high in sugar, so treat it as a splurge. ($1, 5.3-oz. Chobani Maple Blended Low Fat Greek Yogurt, WalMart)


headshot-2-7-copyKathryn Deen is the founder and editor of Clermont Magazine, a Clermont resident and an award-winning professional journalist


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