Organize Your Life: 4 Uses for Envelopes

| By Amelia Stolarz |

Envelopes are pretty hard working in their conventional use. You enclose something in it – a letter, a gift, a check, a bill, an invitation, a card… address it, stamp it and off it goes near or far to carry this something to someone, somewhere.  

But envelopes also can be used at home in a functional way to organize your life.

Consider using them to store…

  • Credit card receipts: Label a letter-sized envelope for each of your credit cards and file the receipts there until you get your bill. Mark the top of each envelope with a different color highlighter for ease of identification. Of course, if you get your receipts via email, store them in a file in your email under purchases or receipts.
  • Expenses while traveling: When you travel, pack an envelope marked “receipts.” At the end of each touring day, put the receipts in the envelope so that your wallet is not bulging.  When you return home, they are nicely corralled in one place.
  • Equipment information: Sometimes envelopes work better than files. Use a 9 -1/2″-x-12″ Manila envelope to corral information for new equipment (computers, printers, cameras, etc.). I have used this method at the office and home for years. The envelope can hold copies of receipts, manuals, warranties and small parts not in current use. On the outside of the envelope, write the name of the equipment, serial and model numbers, warranty information and telephone number for support. Gather the equipment envelopes together in a redwell folder (expanding file pocket).
  • Car documents: When you purchase or lease a new car, store the papers in a 9-1/2″-x-12″ Manila envelope. Keep the original documents and receipts for service and repairs in the envelope. On the outside, you can list the date and type of service in chronological order for quick review.

If you found any of these tips particularly helpful or if you’d like to share your own uses for envelopes, let us know at  We’d love to hear from you.

Did you know?

The word “envelope” also means:

  • the envelope of air around the earth
  • the outer covering of an aerostat (a lighter-than-air aircraft, such as a balloon or blimp)
  • the bag containing the gas in a balloon or airship
  • a natural enclosing covering (such as a membrane, shell or integument)
  • lipoprotein unit membrane that forms the outer layer of some virions (special virus particles)
  • a curve tangent to each of a family of curves
  • a surface tangent to each of a family of surfaces
  • a set of performance limits (as of an aircraft) that may not be safely exceeded; also, the set of operating parameters that exists within these limits

13239220_868867996558951_5623648985723637852_nAmelia Stolarz is a lifelong organizing guru, an avid gluten-free baker and a Certified Public Accountant. 

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