UPDATE: Quirky Coffee & Tea Shop Seeks New Location in Downtown Clermont

| By Kathryn Deen |

UPDATE 12/29/17: Coffee Shop of Horrors owners Roxana Stan and Nick Sindicich responded to Clermont Magazine’s inquiry as to why they won’t be pursuing the location on Montrose and 8th Street: “We’re still in Monteverde and our new Monteverde location will be open next month (January 2018). We’re looking for a new location in Downtown Clermont because the building we were trying to open in needed too much work to turn into a coffee shop, and the city was being a bit difficult about it.”

UPDATE 12/28/17: As of December 2017, a “for rent” sign went up in Downtown Clermont, on the corner of Montrose and 8th streets, where Coffee Shop of Horrors had planned to open its second location and had started renovating. The shop is no longer pursuing the location, Shannon Schmidt, Director of Economic Development for the City of Clermont, told Clermont Magazine. “We do hope they can find a location for their business pursuits in Clermont,” she said.

Get ready to get your caffeine buzz on at the quirkiest coffee shop to hit Clermont.

Montverde-based Coffee Shop of Horrors will open its second storefront in November in downtown Clermont with plans for another location in early 2018 in downtown Orlando.

Enjoy private-label coffee, tea and hot cocoa, as well as locally made craft beer and wine, cafe snacks, hot sauces, preserves, soaps. Plus, the classic horror theme lends itself to plenty of fun decor and events; there are talks of concerts, trivia and even zombie walks at the Clermont shop, so stay tuned.

The Clermont shop will take up 3,000 square feet at 795 W. Montrose St., at the southeast corner of 8th and Montrose streets. You’ll find it across from 801 City Grille and a few doors down from Erika’s Tea Room & Gifts.

The shop opens in November at this corner building in downtown Clermont.

Why Clermont?

“Clermont has needed to get younger for awhile now, so a lot of new businesses that are going to bring younger crowds are moving into the area,” owner Roxana Stan told Clermont Magazine, mentioning two breweries also coming soon downtown. “It’ll finally revitalize the downtown area.”

Husband-and-wife team Roxana Stan and Nick Sindicich are taking the leap of faith to expand after success with their first location at 16937 Lakeside Drive in Monteverde, which opened in 2016. That store will relocate around November across the street to another 1,200-square-foot facility next to Green Mountain Pizza at 17415 7th St., adding a kitchen, expanding its front-of-house space, and making it more walkable for nearby Montverde Academy students.

At each location, you’ll find a full-service coffee shop with with 50 flavors of coffee and plenty of exotic tea and hot cocoa flavors, as well as coffee-flavored ice cream. For other tasty options, check out the hot sauces, preserves and cafe snacks. You’ll be hard pressed not to find something you’ll love, decaf-drinkers included.

Sweets lovers will freak when they try the homemade coffee ice cream. It’s made with a lactose-free powder in a vanilla base, coffee grinds, and coffee instead of water. Have it in a cup or a shake.

Horror-themed decorations include the giant alien statue in progress seen behind the owners & dog Ripley.

The owners have been in the coffee biz for 11 years, starting sales online from home. Roxana, AKA “Crypt Keeper,” oversees the company and doubles as a web developer for NRS Tech, a local IT company owned by Nick, who helps Roxana with just about everything at the coffee shop as the self-proclaimed “Undertaker.”

Every day, you can sample a flavored and an unflavored variety of coffee at the shop. And you can feel good about drinking it.  It’s all fair-trade, certified organic. There are no sugars involved in flavoring the coffee; instead, the couple composes recipes only using natural oils, extracts, spices and reductions, working with a trusted coffee importer and roaster.

“Even our darkest roast is super smooth,” Nick said.

The freshness is impressive, as all the coffee on the shelves has been roasted within 30 days or less. The Montverde shop already goes through 50-100 pounds of coffee a week, and that number should skyrocket with the expansion.

Coffee varieties includes Indonesian, African and Latin American.  You can order from 2 ounces to 2-plus pounds at a time online. Select flavors benefit charities, like “Doreen-i-Caffetini Vanilla Hazelnut Creme,” sales of which support the American Cancer Society.

Flavored coffee beans, coffee ice-cream and coffee-scented bar soap are among the offerings.

“Face Your Mornings Caramel Scream” is Nick’s favorite, but he also thinks you should try the recently released “Game Over Peanut Butter Cup.”

Love the smell of coffee but not the taste? Take it to the bathtub by tapping into the shop’s aromatic, coffee-scented, organic soaps by LAVE. It’s worth “paws”ing to acknowledge that every soap sale supports animal rescue. Or do what Nick’s friend does: Poke holes in a bag of your favorite coffee scent (“Big Top Brew Pecan Pie,” perhaps?) and stick it under your car seat. You’re welcome.

The coffee and tea go for about $10 a bag, and cocoa runs about $12 a bag. Choose from black, green, oolong and rooibos tea varieties, such as “Peach Invasion,” “Lemon Ginger” and “Orange Blossom.” Cocoa comes in “Chocolate Mint,” “Dark Chocolate Orange,” “Spicy Mexican” and “Milk Chocolate” flavors.

And for those seeking savory over sweet, ignite your taste buds with hot sauces, preserves, pickled items by Orlando’s Matt Allen. For something really spicy, try Four Horsemen, which uses the four hottest peppers in the world.

Roxana and Nick are realizing their dream of opening more coffee shops in Central Florida.

The shop owners are big into collaborating, so several local artists designed labels for the coffee bags, as well as some national celebrities. Michael Broom (concept artist for “The Walking Dead”) created the artwork for the Tiki-Thulu Terror Kaluha Kreme coffee label, while Bubba the Redneck Werewolf is featured on the Bubba Spiced Bourbon coffee.

Plenty of horror/acting celebrities also have tried the shop’s coffee at the nation’s largest horror convention, Spooky Empire: Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part VII), Malcom McDowell (StarTrek: Generations), Tony Todd (Stargate), Denise Nickerson (Violet in “Charlie in the Chocolate Factory”) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca in Star Wars).

“The horror genre has grown over the years,” Roxana said. “Our shops reflect the kitschy older style.”

Let us know what you think of Coffee Shop of Horrors. Share your comments and photos visiting the shop below.

headshot-2-7-copyKathryn Deen is the founder and editor of Clermont Magazine, a Clermont resident and an award-winning professional journalist.

Bonus photos of the original Montverde shop and offerings:

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