Photo Moment: Energy Lab Cafe

| By Christopher Gousse | After taking a few images in the Clermont area, I stumbled across a bright blue and orange building that I’ve always looked over in the past. I decided to finally get a closer look at the building and I’m glad I did! The inside of Energy Lab Cafe is absolutely what you’d expect from a modern coffee shop — state-of-the-art … Continue reading Photo Moment: Energy Lab Cafe

A Purr-fect Rescue Fairy ‘Tail’

| By Lisa Graham | This is a story about love and acceptance, fur and photography. Let’s start from the beginning. I was mesmerized by a pair of baby blue eyes. Late one Sunday evening in 2014 , I saw a posting on Pet Finder for a sweet-faced Siamese/Hemingway mix named Cleo who was longing to find her forever home. Cleo was so beautiful, I was … Continue reading A Purr-fect Rescue Fairy ‘Tail’

Demystifying Abstract Art

| By Lois Perdue | As an abstract expressionist, I am frequently asked the same two questions about my paintings. “How do you start one of those paintings?” And, the next one is usually: “How do you know when it is finished?” Maybe for those reasons alone, buying abstract art is a challenge! But with a better understanding of this exciting genre and its potential … Continue reading Demystifying Abstract Art

Es’scent’ial Oils: More than Just a Scent

I expect that essential oils may some day prove a vital weapon in the fight against strains of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. –Andrew Weil | By Amelia Stolarz | I’ve been having fun with my es”scent”ial oils lately. Yes they are trending — but they’ve been around for a long time. Biblically, they appear in the Old and New testaments. In Exodus 30:34-38, the Lord gave Moses … Continue reading Es’scent’ial Oils: More than Just a Scent

360 Video: Dancing at Waterfront Park

| By Wade Moore | Clermont’s got it going on! Check out this 360 degree little-planet-style video of a dance workout group on Lake Minneola. “Dance Your Gut Off” is a free class for all ages by Casrock Ultraxtremo in the pavilion next to the splash pad at Waterfront Park. Wade Moore runs Dream Magnum Productions. He loves getting outside to capture captivating photos and … Continue reading 360 Video: Dancing at Waterfront Park